Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Pictures from this summer!

This summer Aj took my camera to Indonesia so I had to resort back a few years to the sweet disposable cameras and I just got it developed, so enjoy!
Aunt Catherine and Tori having fun at Chuck E Cheese!
The 3 grand kids in the school bus.

Megan, Catherine and I met up with Kristy and Natalie for the Harry Potter midnight premiere and Kristy gave us all the Harry scar on our foreheads. It was awesome!

My fun cousin Kristy and I. Strike a pose! It was really late!

Some of my girl friends got together and went to Oregano's for a night of pizza, pizzookie, and lots of laughs. What more could I ask for! Thanks girls!

When we got back to Utah we met up with Amy and her fam at the Dino museum for $2 Tuesdays. It was PACKED but the kids all had alot of fun.

There was lots of hands on stuff and the girls really had a great time.
We really had a fun summer but are very glad to be back in Utah with Aj!