Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow what a weekend!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Aj's family. Way too much yummy food and lots of little kids going up and down the stairs was the main focus of the weekend. We started out going to the free day at Hogle zoo because Aj didn't have school on Wednesday and we were quite the group. It was cold but I think that everyone that went ended up having alot of fun. Then we went up to Park City to stay in Spencer's aunt and uncle's house on Thursday and started in with the food. The kids had so much fun playing together (not to mention the daddys having fun playing video games) and us girls getting dinner ready, chasing children and talking. It was a wonderful two days. Then Saturday we went to Aj's cousin Amanda's so she could take our family picture. It was so funny trying to get a good one but Amanda is really good and we got some good ones and she also made our Christmas cards for us! Thanks again Amanda! Then we tried to go to temple square to see the lights and we couldn't even find a place to park so ended up just going home and putting the girls to bed, we will try that another night. After I got the girls to bed Aj's mom, Natalie, Trent and I went to see Twilight again and I liked it even more the 2nd time! Thanks for the wonderful weekend Nielson Fam, love you all!

This one of Aj and Mayli turned out so cute!

This is one of my personal favorites!
Here is one of the group shots with all eyes open and mostly smiles (except Tori of course)

Here we are at the zoo, Mayli and Sophie really got along well, we will have to get together again with them soon.

And yes that is my Christmas card at the top of my blog so look forward to getting it in the mail!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obsessed, I know!

So I am obsessed, at least I know it! My friend Danette had this picture on her blog and I just thought that it was the cutest that I had ever seen of them! So I just had to post it on my blog, hope you all like it too!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight the Movie

Ok so Natalie and I and a coulpe of girls from the MBASA went and saw Twilight on Saturday. It was really fun to go and see a chick flick and have some fun with just the girls. I really liked the movie and didn't like it at the same time, but still want to see it again soon. I think my cousin Kristy said it best when she said it was low budget, over acted, totally cheesey, and perfect! I think that maybe I didn't like it because I love the book so much and so much is left out, as with every book that gets turned into a movie. I liked the interaction between Bella and Edward (oh Edward you are so hot!) but didn't like that you really didn't get to know the Cullen's very well. I love Alice in the books and she really isn't even one of the main characters that I wanted her to be in the movie. Aj kept telling me not to have high expectations so that I wouldn't be dissappointed, so that is exactly what I did. I loved to go and see the book in movie form but honestly my imagination is just so much better! Still with all that said I know it is silly to say but I really like it over all and will probably have to own it and see it again with whoever is willing! Oh and I looked on the twilight moms website and it made 70.6 million this weekend and so they will be making New Moon, Hooray!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings!

Many of my blogging friends and family have been posting things that they are greatful for so I thought that I would do the same! It couldn't come at a better time too because I have been a real complainer lately (sorry AJ) and that really isn't like me. I am greatful that I am not sick all the time and that the biggest sickness I have to complain about is a cold. I am greatful that I don't get cold sores all the time and that they do go away. I am very greatful to be a mom and a wife and to have wonderful sisters and a brother that I love and can talk to when ever I want to. Also for a wonderful mother who is always there for me and a father who thinks I am a great mom. I could go on and on but now for some fun ones with pictures!

I am greatful for sweet sisters: This is a get well soon card that Mayli made for Tori when she was sick, it says "Dear Tori I hope you feel better soon so that we can play together, love Mayli" It doesn't get much sweeter than that!
I am greatful for the show on Disney Channel "Charley and Lola" who taught my girls to love pink milk. Anythink that helps my girls drink more milk is ok by me!
With a straw to blow bubbles with of course!

I am greatful for Grammie's who give my girls warm, new pj's to sleep in and silly little faces.

And last but not least I am greatful to Krispy Kreme who does a free tour and gave the kids a free hat and a free donut. Nothing is better than free!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lyla Belle Keddington

Well I am so sad today because Aj got to go see Lyla and I didn't because I am still sick, will I ever get over this!!! I stole this picture from Amy's blog because it is so cute and I wanted to post one really bad! She is so sweet and has wavy blonde hair, which is crazy because Abby was born without any. So cute! I am excited that I am in Utah and that even though I didn't get to see her today I am sure I will see her soon! Congrats Amy and Spencer! Have fun with your new little sister Abby! We love you all!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My new niece!

Aj's sister Amy had her 2nd baby girl last night at 11:00 p.m. Lyla Belle Keddington is 5lb 15 oz and 20in long! I will post pictures as soon as I can. I love being and Aunt!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Fun

Fall is BEAUTIFUL in Utah! Mayli loves packing the bottom of our stroller with leaves and bringing them home.

They were having so much fun with all these leaves under a big tree at the park.

Tori was a little confused at first but soon caught on and had lots of fun.

Leaf angel! By the time they were done they both had lots of leaves in their hair, what a fun afternoon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

28 and loving it!

Happy Birthday to Me! For my birthday while the girls and Aj took a nap I did a little catching up on my blog. Be prepared to see my girls in their Halloween costumes way too many times! October was a very busy month and I am so glad that November is here! I am happy to be 28 and have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters, who could ask for more!

Ward Trunk or Treat

Our ward had a trunk or treat on Halloween night with doughnuts and hot apple cider. Natalie, Chad and Carson came with us and it was lots of fun, well for most of us anyway. Tori was not very happy to be there and wanted me the whole time so I really didn't get any fun pictures except for this one and it is awsome!
Mayli wanted to the doughnut on a string game where you have to try to eat the doughnut without using your hands. It was GREAT, we were both laughing so hard that she really couldn't eat any but she had fun trying thats for sure!

Pumpkin Carving and Mayli's preschool party

Aj's group of guys that he studies with at school has all of our families get together once a month and do something fun. This month we went to Garette and Kricket's house and the adults carved big pumpkins and the kids painted little ones, it was a great time.

Sadly I forgot my camera to take pictures of the girls painting but this is the pumpkin that AJ carved. Isn't it awsome! That is free had too! All his group members joked that if this MBA thing doesn't work out then he totally could have a careere in pumpkin carving!

This was on the side of the pumpkin. So AJ!

On Thursday Oct. 30th Mayli had a Halloween party at her Preschool. She just loves all her friends that she has made there.

MBASA Halloween Party

The MBA spouse association has a Halloween party every year and I am on the family committee so I got to help with it this year. It was ALOT of work but alot of fun too, we had soups and rolls and spooky deserts and games for the kids to play.

Tori really just wanted to play on the stage all night long, she was not to interested in letting me get a cute picture of her, oh well.

Mayli on the other hand was more than happy to pose for a picture, gotta love her!

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Friday Oct. 24th some moms in our area got together and had a Halloween party for the kids. It was really fun, the kids got to play games, eat mummy hot dogs, and win a prize for their costumes. I really love our neighbors and all the fun things we get to do with them.

After the mummy dogs the kids got to eat ice cream witches, what a cute idea and yummy too!

After the older kids played a game Tori and my friend Danette's son Aaron decided to take over the popcorn, so dang cute!

Now this was very smart, they brought sharpies and we brought our pumpkin for Mayli to color. All the kids loved it and Mayli of course took it very seriously.

Here is Tori just buzzin around.

These are just some of the kids that were there, they were lined up to play a game. It was a really fun afternoon.

Scarecrow Festival

On Friday October 17th Lynette was in town to wach Abby while Amy and Spencer worked at The Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point to raise money for the boys that they work with. SO... We got to go too! It was lots of fun, it had big bouncy slides, fun games, yummy food, a train ride, and even a toddler area for the kids to play in. Needless to say the girls and their cousins had a blast!

Cutest little cousins in a huge pile of pumpkins!

Me and my sweet girls in a cute photo op!

Amy used her magic powers and was able to get Mayli right on to this even though there was a super long line. Mayli LOVED it! I was a little nervous for her but it looks like she is going to be a thrill seeker just like her mama! She is on one of those trampoline things where you get to jump way high in the air, she had a blast.
Thanks Aunt Amy!