Sunday, May 15, 2011

Butterfly Festival!

Saturday we went to the Butterfly Festival. It was a big screen tent set up in one of the malls here that had 1,600 butterflies in it. It was AMAZING! It was so much fun seeing the girls faces come alive, I loved every minute of it and as you will see by the girls faces so did they!

It has been a wish of Mayli's to have a butterfly land on her finger so this is pretty much a dream come true! She kept saying "oh my goodness" over and over :)

The butterlies loved the flowers in the girls hair and kept landing on them.
I love this one of Mayli :)

My sweet Tori was so soft with them and had a big grin on her face the whole time! This is my favorite one of her :)

One on Tori's flower

Showing me her butterfly, it was very hard to get her to look at the camera for a picture, she was way to involved :)

Zoe was in complete aw. I love the wonder in her eyes :)

She was funny because she wanted to see them so bad but when they got too close she did not like it!

Her cheesy little grin and a butterfly on her head :)

It was fun to hear the girls talk to each other about the butterflies and show each other when they had one. They are such good sisters!

Even Daddy joined in the fun! They loved his bald head for some reason :) The girls thought it was so funny

Mommy got to help Zoe get one to hold (but not too close)

It was a very fun family outing!

(Tori says she is a butterfly pirate in this picture)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


My laptop got a virus so I haven't been able to upload pictures to blog! I had ALOT to catch up on so hopefully you enjoy all the new pictures :)

Farm Field Trip

Our latest preschool field trip was to a farm. The kids loved it! They had bread to feed the animals and they fed them for 45 mins. They had lots of different animal for the kids to see and feed. Here is Tori feeding a goat.

Zoe liked the animals until they got to close and then she was running to me :)
Tori really liked this pig, it followed her around the whole time.

They had a cute play ground for the kids to play on too. Tori and Luke took turns pushing each other on this swing, too cute!

After we ate lunch the goats got on the table and finished the left overs. Once again Zoe was outathere!

It has been so fun having our little field trips. I love seeing the kids get so excited :)


We had a very fun Easter this year. The girls couldn't wait to dye the eggs so on the Monday before Easter we did it for FHE!

On Friday we went and did an egg hunt with a bunch of friends and then had a pot luck picnic for lunch. It was so fun, the girls loved it! Here is Mayli searching for some eggs.
Tori got a little carried away and got way more than she was suppose to. We had to got rehide some :)

Zoe had fun picking up one egg until she got to the next and then she would drop the 1st and pick the next one up, again and again. She didn't want me to put them in her basket for some reason :)

My 3 sweet egg hunters with their spoils! (Don't really know why Zoe has a pirate face in this picture)

My dad sent the girls this huge cookie. They were so excited to get it and it was really yummy!

Easter morning the girls came out to find that the Easter Bunny had went a little crazy with the jelly beans. Zoe thought this was the coolest thing ever. She was double fisting mouthfuls of them!

Tori's so excited about her Sour Patch egg :)

Here is Mayli showing off her Easter basket. We had an egg hunt in the house that morning and the girls had lots of fun.

Daddy and his Easter girls all ready to go to church! I love Easter! I am thankful to my Savior for all he did for me :)

Mayli's 1st Grade Program

I have really loved Mayli's school. They did a 1st grade program called Over in the Ocean. Mayli was the mother otter. She did a wonderful job and many people told me after that she needs to be in drama, don't I know it!

They all did such a good job, alot of work went into it and they had so much fun :)
Of course something happened to my camera right in the middle of her part so I only got the first of it but at least I got some, right? Enjoy!

Dallas Temple

For the Stake Primary Activity Day they asked the kids to do a project of something they did with their family. We decided to visit the Dallas Temple. It is a very pretty temple and the girls had a wonderful time walking around, smelling all the beautiful flowers and singing "I love to see the temple".

Here is my sweet Mayli she took lots of pictures while we were there and loved all the flowers.
My sweet little Tori :) Such a sweetie.

Zoe wouldn't hold still for very long, she was all over the place!

My 3 sweet girls. I am so thankful to have had the chance to share this time with them. They are so smart and love the gosple with such pure hearts :)

So NOT into sharing!!!

Haha! I love this picture of Zoe! One day we went to Jamba Juice and got 2 cups, one for the girls and one for AJ and I. Once Zoe got it she DID NOT want to share. We would ask her if we could have a drink and this is the response we got! I laugh every time I see it. I will have to work on that with her :)

Firehouse Field Trip

Our preschool did another field trip and this time it was to the fire station. It was really neat! They showed us where they eat, sleep, hangout, and even let the kids get inside the fire truck! One of our kids couldn't make it to this one so here is the 3 from our co-op. It was really sunny :)

Tori and Owen thought the wheel was the coolest part. Tori got all black on her hands and clothes from it but oh well :)
Waiting for their turn to get inside :)

They handed out these fire hats at the end, a huge hit with the kids. Tori still sports her when she plays dress up :)

Zoe got one too!

It was such a great field trip, they guys were very nice and the kids just loved it!

Spring Break Zoo Visit

During Mayli's Spring break we went to the Dallas Zoo with some friends. It was really busy but the girls loved seeing all the animals and having fun with Cameron and Luke.

Here they are all trying to get a peek at the elephants, so cute :)
Now you can see the elephant as Mayli and Tori pose for a picture, they are such sweet sisters :)

Here they are looking at the penguins. They loved how close they got to be to them. It was a really fun day!


I signed the girls up for soccer this spring and it has been so much fun to watch them learn and grow. Here is Mayli at one of her games. Mayli was a real go getter, she loved playing and was right in there with all the boys kicking that ball!

Here is Tori at one of her games. She was so funny. If you know Tori you know she is pretty much in her own little world so she was more impressed by the flowers and butterflys than with the ball :) She did really well though and had fun while she ran after everyone else!
Zoe loved being outside and watching her sisters play. She even does pretty good at kicking the ball :)

They played 8 games and then had an awards ceremony. Here is Tori's team the Lil Shooters, so cute!

Here is Mayli's team the Power Rangers. They were very good and placed 2nd in the tournament!

It was a really fun season and they both want to play next year so it was a success in my book!