Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoe's 1st solid food :)

WHAT?!? Thats right its time to try your first solids :)
Her first bite, she did really well and seemed to like her rice cereal.
She made a huge mess and Mayli and Tori thought it was the funniest thing ever to watch her. I don't think she actually got much in her belly but we had fun trying :)

MBA Grad!

AJ graduated with his MBA from BYU on Friday April 23rd! We are so proud of him and all his hard work. We are so thankful that he has a job, Texas here we come!

Potty Trained!

This post has been a LONG time coming! My sweet little Tori is finally potty trained, after all the things I tried it really just took her to finally decide that she was ready. She is doing so good now and got to open her Ariel doll that has been sitting on top of our fridge for 2 months :)
She hasn't had any accidents for a week and even sleeps with pantys on!

Open mouth insert foot :)

Zoe's new favorite thing to chew on :)
Gross I know but it keeps her busy for a while :)

Goofy Golfing!

It has been so much fun to have AJ around more with him done with school now. We have been doing lots of fun things with the girls and one of their favorites is goofy golfing. Here is Mayli showing off her skills, she is actually really good!
Here daddy is helping Tori, she has lots of fun but would rather roll the ball than hit it :)
Here is Zoe in her stroller while we goofy golfed. She really is such a good baby she just chilled until she fell asleep.
Such a fun day :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Easter Morning, and the next Sunday :)

Easter morning! The girls have to wait in the hallway so I can make sure the Easter bunny came :) They are always so excited!
Mayli with her Easter basket :)
Little Tori couldn't take her eyes off this cool spinning light thing they got :)
Zoe wasn't quite sure what to think but she liked watching the girls play with their stuff :)
I love to get my sweet little girls matching Easter dresses and it was so fun this year to add a 3rd to the mix! This is the next Sunday since Easter Sunday was conference. Are they cute or what!
Happy Easter! We hope everyone had a good one and that you had time to remember the real reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Fun with Eggs!

This is a little late but better late than never! Here the girls are dying eggs with Abby, they LOVED it.
Grammie and Papa Nielson came up Easter weekend and we did an egg hunt at the park with Natalie and her family.The girls had lots of fun and we have WAY too much candy.
Mayli with her loot! She was by far the most aggressive egg hunter :)
Here is my sweet little Tori with her eggs, she is in that phase when they don't know what to do when you get the camera out :) She had lots of fun though!
I LOVE this picture of Zoe! It is so classic her, those big eyes and the tongue out :) She sat in her stroller during the egg hunt and was as happy as could be.
Thanks for the fun Grammie and Papa!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Loving Memory

Elena Marie Knight
November 14th 2009-April 14th 2010
Our good friends Joe and Candida Knight lost their sweet little baby girl on the 14th. This sweet little one was born just 3 days before our little Zoe. Our love and prayers go out to them.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Silly One Word Quiz

My sister Jessica tagged me to do this quiz so here goes. . .

Answer the questions with ONE word.

1.Where is your cell phone? floor
2.Your hair? crazy
3.Your Mother? best
4.Your Father? strong
5.Your favorite food? candy
6.Your dream last night? nope
7.Your favorite drink? drpepper
8.Your dream/goal? happy
9.What room are you in? living room
10.Your hobby? reading
11.Your fear? loss
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? skinny
13.Where were you last night? home
14.Something you aren't? tall
15.Muffins? please
16.Wish list item? wardrobe
17.Where did you grow up? Arizona
18.Last thing you did? Aj ;) (Aj made me write this)
19.What are you wearing? jammies
20.TV? watching
21.Your pets? NO
22.Your friends? good
23.Your life? blessed
24.Your mood? happy
25.Missing someone? mommy
26.Vehicle? snug
27.Something you're not wearing? socks
28.Your favorite store? none (no stores are fun when you have no money!)
29.Your favorite color? blue
30.When was the last time you laughed? #18
31.When was the last time you cried? days
32.Your best friend? far
33.One place you go over and over? Walmart
34.One person who e-mails you regularly? match.com
35.Favorite place to eat? MeltingPot

This was actually pretty fun, thanks Jes!