Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jen's Fun Give Away!

I love cute wrapping paper! Jen is doing a give away on her blog and I would love to win :) Click the link if you want to enter!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I want this! So I hardly ever do this but Natalie has a nailpolish bolg and she posted about a giveaway. And I have to comment about it to enter. I really want the black shatter nail polish so why not try to win it right??? Anyway the link is on top if you want to enter :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silly Zoe!

This is what I get lately when I ask her to smile. Cheesy little grin :)
I have been meaning to record Zoe's silly scoot/crawl that she does. It is so funny and I hope I will never forget it. She also makes the mmmwha noise when I ask for a kiss. So stinking cute!
(you have to turn on your sound and scroll down and turn off my music if you want to hear it)

Preschool fun :)

Here are all Tori's little preschool friends when I had preschool at my house for the letter N. They had just made their beautiful necklaces :) They are too cute and have lots of fun together.
For January's theme it was Dinosaurs so we went to the Heard Museum to see their display. It was alot of fun.
Tori wanted to ride all of them :)
Something I totally didn't expect was my sweet little Zoe being scared. I felt so bad. Look at those tears :( So not a dino fan.
This is the first one we came to that actually moved and roared. It was crazy because the boys both did not like it at all and Tori still wanted to ride it :)
Tori doing a dino roar!
She is kinda mad in this one because I wouldn't let her throw rocks at it, such a mean mom ;)
This one didn't move or roar so they all got on for a ride, so cute :)
Me and my 2 sweeties and a giant T-rex!
It was kinda crazy how they had them in the trees on the nature walk, they looked pretty real. I don't blame Zoe for being scared. Anyway it was a really fun day and beautiful weather, so glad we got to go :)