Monday, March 29, 2010


We were board on Sunday night so I played beauty shop with the girls and put make up on them and did their hair and got them all dressed up. It was really fun and all I can say is we are in trouble! They are way too beautiful, Aj has now raised the age that they can wear make up to 25 :)

Fun with Zoe

My little Zoe is getting so big already :( She is such a fun little baby though and I love having her in our family. I don't know what we did without her! She likes to sit in the corner of the couch and watch her sisters.
Here my 3 sweet little girls are all laying on the love sack watching UP. They are so sweet!
Zoe's new favorite thing is her feet :) She loves to grab them when she is laying down. She loves it even more when her feet aren't all covered up, if only it wasn't so cold!
Zoe loves to be around her sisters and just watch whatever they are doing. It is so cute to see her just look at them in amazement.
We got this cute little outfit in the mail from some ladies that used to babysit Aj when he was little. Gotta love that bow!

MBA Easter Egg Hunt

We took the girls to the MBA Easter egg hunt and since it was raining we had to do it inside the church gym. Here are the girls with the Lemmon girls, they are friends that we have made through the MBA program. The girls have so much fun together.
Here all the kids are hopping like bunnies, at least that was the idea :)
This is Landon, Mayli thinks that he is her boyfriend and he thinks she is his girlfriend. It is WAY to early for me to have to deal with this! I must say though he is the life of the party when ever all the kids get together :)
Mayli wanted to get her picture with the Easter bunny (who I think is a little scary) but they loved him. They know who brings them stuff in their Easter baskets thats for sure :)
This is just when we were leaving and I couldn't resist. They are so sweet to each other, I just love it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bath time is fun time!

My girls LOVE bathtime. It is so fun for them, they get to splash and make everything wet (not so fun for me). My friend upstairs gave me this little tub and I just put it right in the tub with the other girls. She loves to watch her sisters play and they love to make her smile. The only problem is when its time to get out, Zoe has really bad startle reflexes and she gets really upset when I get her out to get dressed. For the most part though bath time is so fun.
My sweet Tori with her big blue eyes. Her cheek always gets red when she gets a cold, its like our little warning sign that she is getting sick :)
My pretty little Mayli Ann is such a big helper to me with Zoe, she always wants to wash her hair and make sure she stays warm with a wash cloth on her belly.
I love these sweet little girls so much!