Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in Texas

What the heck! I moved from Utah to get away from this! It snowed this Sunday (of course while we were in church) so the girls were dying to play in it when we got home. It was suppose to freeze over the night so I finally gave in :) Are they cute or what....
I LOVE this picture of Tori! What a crack up she is!
They dont really have snow clothes so we just doubled up on the clothes and gloves and went at it!
We made a snow man, isn't he a cute little guy? As you can tell by their faces by now they were pretty cold and ready to go in. It was fun while it lasted though!

Christmas time!

We got to go to Az for Christmas and spend some quality time with family. It was lots of fun and so good to see everyone! Here is Mayli Christmas morning with her favorite movie :)
Tori got a movie too! This wasn't their presents from Santa (they both got Bouncing Babbles Babies) but these are my favorite pictures of them :)
Zoe got a fun leap frog toy. She loves to stand up next to it and play with it. It was a hit with all the kids really :)
Christmas PJs! My mom got all the kids matching pjs. We never got a picture with Cash in them due to the stinkin weather but oh well!
Jessica and Cash came down before Christmas to play for a few days. I am so glad we got to spend that time together! Grammie has some fun toys and the kids all got along really well :)
We had so much fun on New Years Eve playing game after game and we even did some fireworks that were a big hit with the kids! Mayli with her sparkler :)
Grammie trying to tell Tori to hold it away from herself, Tori was a little nervous :)
Sweet Aunt Catherine with a shocked looking Zoe. I don't think she knew what to think about all the lights and noise :)
Amy and her family came to Az too! Our girls got along so well and had so much fun playing together. We miss you guys!
We did a little party for Abby and Tori since they both had just turned 4! They loved it and loved the new round of toys from Grammie Lynette and Papa Danny :)
I love Christmas time and I love my family! So much fun and laughter was had over the two weeks, thanks so much all of you!

Gingerbread House and Student of the Month!

Look at our sweet gingerbread house! The girls were so proud of how it turned out :) We did a service gift exchange for enrichment and I got Mesha's wonderful gingerbread house. She put it together and brought over all the stuff to decorate it, thanks Mesha what a wonderful FHE!
Zoe had a blast catching all the yummy candy that got dropped on the floor :)
Our sweet Mayli was chosen to be October's student of the month! Only one child out of every class gets picked for this each month so it is pretty special. She got to be recognized at the spirit assembly for being a respectful, responsible, life long learner :) Any one who joined us for Christmas knows what song she is singing here :) Just love that girl!
Such a sweetie. Getting ready to go into the assembly.
After the assembly I went to Mayli's classroom to help with the winter party. The kids all had so much fun and were really sweet including Tori in everything. Mayli loves her 1st grade class and it makes me so happy :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tori's 4th Birthday!

Our sweet little Tori turned 4 on December 10th. I just cant believe what a big girl she is turning into! She is my little love bug and such a sweety! Here she is after we woke her up singing happy birthday. She got to open a couple presents in the morning and the rest at her party :)
We had Tori's party at McDonalds and it was great! They provided the decorations, party hats, party favors, happy meal for each kid and cake and ice cream. Plus I didn't have to clean up after! She got to invite some friends and of course her best pal Mayli :)
Kids are so funny about "helping" each other open their presents :) Tori loved every minute of it and was so happy with all her toys.
Tinkerbell was the theme of the night, she got all of the fairies!
Here she is blowing out her candles, with Mayli holding her hair back :) We love you Tori and are so happy you are part of our family!

A few fun things :)

Thanksgiving this year was very fun! I know this picture doesn't look like Thanksgiving but we had dinner with our friends the Wankiers and our girls had so much fun together playing dress-up. Thanks guys for the fun time!
For Tori's preschool December field trip we went to a mall in Dallas where they had a Santa story time, Scrooge puppet show and a cool train exibit. The kids had a great time and it was fun for the moms too :)
Here the kids are looking at the trains, they liked it so much I couldn't get them to all turn around at the same time for a picture :)