Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Stuff!

Tea Party! My girls love to have little tea parties with their dolls but usually they aren't this fancy :) They have so much fun together, I just love it!
Plano Balloon Festival! Ya those are the pictures that would have gone here had we actually gone :( We were all ready to go on Friday night and when we got in the car it started pouring down rain and thundering and lightening. Such a bummer, so... Saturday night we got ready to go AGAIN and we were on our way and it took us 45 minutes to get from one stop light to the next. The hubby was not happy about this as he was already hungry :( So we didn't make it there again but at least this time we saw about 20 hot air balloons in the sky, the girls loved it. Then we took them to the mall to take a ride and to Build-a-Bear as a consolation prize. I think they still had a fun night but I was really bummed.
Crazy hair! When this little one wakes up from her naps her hair is crazy! It is the funniest thing, and that face, too funny!
Zoe is crawling! She is so happy about this, she follows the girls and I where ever we go. She is such a mess though and is into everything!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clap Clap Clap!

Zoe has learned to clap her hands and I just can't get enough!

First Day of School!

Mayli's first day of first grade! She was so excited to go and be there all day. She also couldn't wait to make some new friends. She is so cute and really is obsessed with princesses right now. She is complete with princess shirt, shoes, backpack, lunchbox, and even panties! She has really liked school so far and is so smart :)
Tori also started her little preschool class the next week and was so excited too! She loves having school like Mayli and can't wait until Mayli gets home to show her what she has done at school.

Buds :)

With Mayli being gone all day long for school Tori just can't get enough of her when she is home. I think this picture of how I found them one night proves just that :) That is a toddler bed that they are both in by the way.
It has been really neat to see Tori taking on her big sister role with Zoe when Mayli is gone. Here she is snuggling Zoe up and making her laugh.
They are good little buds even though Zoe is so little. I can't wait to see them play together as Zoe grows up.