Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little something for everyone!

We have been having lots of fun and staying very busy, here is some fun pictures of what we have been up to :)
For Tori's 2nd preschool fieldtrip we got to go to Papa Murphy's Pizza Place! It was alot of fun, they showed the kids how to make the dough and then let them each make their own pizza to take home a bake! They loved it and it was yummy too :)
Mayli got invited to the party of all parties (for a 7 year old!) They went to a place called Sugar and Spice and got to pick a dress and shoes to dress up in, they did their hair, make-up and nails and then had a fashon show! Then they had pizza and cupcakes and then got to sing like the little divas they are. Amazing! I don't know if Chuck-E-Cheese will even compair now. She had a blast though and we are so happy she is so friendly and has made so many friends.

Our little Zoe turned 1 on Wed 11-17-10. We had a little party for her the Saturday after and it was lots of fun. She got lots of fun gifts but wanted nothing to do with her giant cupcake :) She is such a sweet little baby and once all the commotion died down she loved playing with all her new toys! Thanks to everyone who came and sent presents!

This is my 1st time trying my pictures like this so tell me if you like it or not :)