Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jen and Ed's Wedding!

Friday January 15th Barry's daughter Jen got married to Ed Parker in the Bountiful Temple. It was a beautiful sealing and I am so happy that I live in Ut and was able to go. They looked so great together and I just love Jen's dress, it is so her!
Mayli and Tori along with Jen's cousnin's daughter and Ed's niece got to be part of the wedding. They all looked so cute! Look at that candy table, every kid (and adults) dream! It was a really fun reception with a hot dog stand, cotton candy stand, popcorn stand and lots of different sodas in the old fashon bottles. Lets just say that even AJ had a good time :)
The girls were so excited to have their Grammie Lori up for the wedding, they love her and Grandpa Barry so much!
Catherine was one of Jen's bride's maids and looked so cute in her sassy red dress. She came up a week early to help Jen and to play with me and my girls, they love her so much too!
Mayli, Bo and Tori These three girls were together nonstop the whole night and had SO much fun. They loved Bo so much that when I put Tori's dress on Sunday to go to church she said I want to play with Bo :)
Thanks Jen and Ed for letting us be part of your special day!

Zoe's Blessing

Our sweet little Zoe was blessed on Sunday the 27th of December. Since we were in AZ it worked perfect to do it right after Christmas since most of our families were able to be there. I am so greatful to have a worthy husband who can bless our children, it is always such a wonderful thing.Thanks AJ and thanks to everyone else who came!
AJ's Grandma Nielson made Mayli and Tori Christmas dresses and so we had to get the classic family picture. Its not the greatest because it was sunny and after Church so the girls just wanted to be done but oh well :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas 2009!

We had a very merry Christmas this year! We stayed at my moms house and Jessica and Shane came down so all the Nikolaus cousins got to be together, they are the cutest little bunch! Grammie Lori bought them all matching pjs so we just had to get a picture. Thanks mom for everything, we love you!
It was a Nielson Christmas this year and so all the Nielson cousnins got to be together on Christmas eve and Christmas day (and more!) Grammie and Papa got them matching pjs so again it was time for a picture, this was a more rambunktious group! We had lots of fun and got way to much, thanks Grammie and Papa, we love you!

Mayli with her stash! She got her furr real friend cat that she asked for :)

Tori didn't realy ask for anything but was way happy with what she got!

Sweet little Zoe not really having a clue what is going on but still just happy to be included!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year!