Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little something for everyone!

We have been having lots of fun and staying very busy, here is some fun pictures of what we have been up to :)
For Tori's 2nd preschool fieldtrip we got to go to Papa Murphy's Pizza Place! It was alot of fun, they showed the kids how to make the dough and then let them each make their own pizza to take home a bake! They loved it and it was yummy too :)
Mayli got invited to the party of all parties (for a 7 year old!) They went to a place called Sugar and Spice and got to pick a dress and shoes to dress up in, they did their hair, make-up and nails and then had a fashon show! Then they had pizza and cupcakes and then got to sing like the little divas they are. Amazing! I don't know if Chuck-E-Cheese will even compair now. She had a blast though and we are so happy she is so friendly and has made so many friends.

Our little Zoe turned 1 on Wed 11-17-10. We had a little party for her the Saturday after and it was lots of fun. She got lots of fun gifts but wanted nothing to do with her giant cupcake :) She is such a sweet little baby and once all the commotion died down she loved playing with all her new toys! Thanks to everyone who came and sent presents!

This is my 1st time trying my pictures like this so tell me if you like it or not :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have the cutest little Disney characters on the planet!
My beautiful girls! They are such sweet sisters, and just love to pose for pictures together :)
My cute little Minnie Mouse! Zoe is so sweet, she loved getting all dressed up and really didn't even mind the ears on her head.
This is a BIG improvement from last year with Tori, I had to beg her to wear a little witch had last year but this year she picked out her Tinkerbell costume and just loved it! She was Tink to a T, sweet but kinda a little stinker!
Could there be a better Cinderella??? I mean lets be honest, she loves Cinderella but she also makes such a good one! She loved it!
The weekend before Halloween we got invited to a little Halloween party with some of our friends. It was really fun and the kids (and adults) got to play some fun games. Here is Mayli trying to eat the powdered donut off a string with her hands behind her back, so funny!
Cheater cheater pumkin eater! Tori couldn't keep her hands down to save her life. It was really funny.
Zoe had a great time with this ball, very easily entertained!
They also did bobbing for apples, which is really hard!
Mayli finally got one and was so happy! She ate the apple in stead of the candy they passed out next :)
Our Stake did a trunk or treat the Saturday before Halloween and it was perfect. Short and sweet, the girls had lots of fun with their friends from church, got lots of candy and it only took about a half an hour. Thats my kind of Halloween!

Grammie Lori came to visit!

My mom got to come and visit us a couple weekends ago and we had so much fun! One of the fun things we did was visit the Dallas Zoo. It was a great day and here is the sweetest picture ever of my mom and the girls, I just love it!
Cutest faces ever...and if you look close you can see a tiger in between them :)
At the petting Zoo Tori just couldn't get enough of the goats, she is so sweet.
Mayli liked it too but didn't think the goats needed any hugs :)
And we just had to ride the animal carousel! I know this picture is blurry but I like it that way, it shows how much fun they were having :)
I was so wonderful to have you here mom! My girls love you so much, and me too!

Preschool Field Trip

I am doing a co-op Preschool with 3 other moms and we do a field trip once a month. For out 1st one we went to the Dallas Aboretum where they had a pumkin festival. It was great! There were so many pumpkins everywhere and the kids loved it.
The kids got their faces painted! Tori loved it so much she wouldn't let me wash it off that night :)
They even had a little petting zoo, Tori was in heaven!
Here is Tori showing off they sweet houses that they had made out of pumpkins.
Zoe had a good time tagging along! She was pretty much in awe of all the pumpkins :)
Such a fun day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Max Keddington!

I love being an Aunt and on September 24th Amy and Spencer got this little guy to join thier family. He had to stay in the hospital for a while but is now home doing great. We are so greatful that all our prayers were answered for this sweet little boy. He is such a cutie and I can't wait to hold him at Christmas time!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Stuff!

Tea Party! My girls love to have little tea parties with their dolls but usually they aren't this fancy :) They have so much fun together, I just love it!
Plano Balloon Festival! Ya those are the pictures that would have gone here had we actually gone :( We were all ready to go on Friday night and when we got in the car it started pouring down rain and thundering and lightening. Such a bummer, so... Saturday night we got ready to go AGAIN and we were on our way and it took us 45 minutes to get from one stop light to the next. The hubby was not happy about this as he was already hungry :( So we didn't make it there again but at least this time we saw about 20 hot air balloons in the sky, the girls loved it. Then we took them to the mall to take a ride and to Build-a-Bear as a consolation prize. I think they still had a fun night but I was really bummed.
Crazy hair! When this little one wakes up from her naps her hair is crazy! It is the funniest thing, and that face, too funny!
Zoe is crawling! She is so happy about this, she follows the girls and I where ever we go. She is such a mess though and is into everything!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clap Clap Clap!

Zoe has learned to clap her hands and I just can't get enough!

First Day of School!

Mayli's first day of first grade! She was so excited to go and be there all day. She also couldn't wait to make some new friends. She is so cute and really is obsessed with princesses right now. She is complete with princess shirt, shoes, backpack, lunchbox, and even panties! She has really liked school so far and is so smart :)
Tori also started her little preschool class the next week and was so excited too! She loves having school like Mayli and can't wait until Mayli gets home to show her what she has done at school.

Buds :)

With Mayli being gone all day long for school Tori just can't get enough of her when she is home. I think this picture of how I found them one night proves just that :) That is a toddler bed that they are both in by the way.
It has been really neat to see Tori taking on her big sister role with Zoe when Mayli is gone. Here she is snuggling Zoe up and making her laugh.
They are good little buds even though Zoe is so little. I can't wait to see them play together as Zoe grows up.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Zoe is getting so big!

Our sweet baby Zoe is growing up way too fast! She has such a cute and happy personality. She is now sitting up by herself and has those cute 2 front bottom teeth.
With sitting up she has learned that she can bee bop to the music and it is the stinkin cutest thing ever! You need to scroll to the bottom and mute my music if you want to hear the sweet tunes she is dancing to :)

I don't think I could love this girl any more than I do!

Summer fun in Az!

At the beginning of July the girls and I got to go to Az to spend some time with family. It was really fun and we got to see so many people in our family :) We got to do lots of fun things but by far the thing my girls loved the most was playing outside in my mom's backyard. They love her little blow up pool and Aunt Megan even bought a slip and slide. All the kids liked it but Mayli just couldn't get enough, she love it! Here she is sliding along :)
Here is Jax! With Tori and Jax we would have to slide them down it but they really had fun too :)
Here goes Tori! She really did like it dispite her face :) She just didn't like the little sprouting water that would hit her face.
My sweet little Zoe, I just can't get enough of that face! She loved the water and Mayli would slide down to her and she would crack up laughing, so cute!
My 3 little sun beauties!
Thanks Grammie and Barry and Aunt Catherine for letting us stay with you! We had a blast!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mayli's birthday month!

Our sweet little Mayli turned 6 on July 14th and since we were in Az the week before that we just had to have a little party for her. It was really fun and Mayli even made party hats! Thanks to everyone who came and got Mayli her fun presents.
Sadly when it's your sister's birthday it really isn't the best day for you (trust me I know!) Poor little Tori was so sad with each present that Mayli opened but this face was too priceless to not get on camera :)
Mayli at Chuck E Cheese blowing out her birthday candle. She is so stinkin cute!
On Mayli's birthday she got to pick where to go to dinner. Here she is enjoying her Five Guys burger, yum!
The Saturday after her birthday we had some friends here in Tx come over for pizza, cake and ice cream. It was lots of fun complete with a princess cake that Mayli LOVED.
That was way too much birthday fun for one little girl. Hopefully all birthdays from now on are not a dissapointment :) We love you Mayli!

See ya Provo, Hello Plano!

I have really slacked on posts lately so here goes. Look at all those cute little girls! Before we left Provo we got to have Amy and Spencer and their girls over one last time. My girls miss their Wednesday visits for sure :(
This is the girls with my friend Rachelle's little boys. We just had to get their pictures together in front of our apartments since we both were moving out at the same time. I miss them being right above us whenever I need something!
Here is Mayli at her Kindergarden Program. She did such a good job and is such a ham. After every song she would do a little curtsy, it was great :)
Mayli and Mrs. Clark. Mayli loved her kindergarden teacher and she really liked Mayli too! Hopefully she will get a good 1st grade teacher too!
We left for Az right after Mayli's program and had a nice time with family before heading to Tx. Once we finally got to Tx we did alot of this, sleeping on the floor! Our stuff was 15 days late! Thank Heavens for Brittney and Reid and her family helping us out and letting us stay with them and barrow a ton of stuff. I don't know what we would have done with out them :)
Not the best picture I know but I love how much Mayli, Tori, Cameron and Luke get alot. They were instant friends and just love doing things together.
This is one of the things my girls were SO excited to see when we moved to Tx. The McDonals that is shaped like a Happy Meal! It really was pretty cool and my girls were so happy.
Life in Tx is really nice. We have a nice apartment, a wonderful ward and are making some new friends and getting to know old ones better. We are very greatful for Aj's job and the life we get to have because of it :) We are now officially Texans!