Friday, May 14, 2010

P is for . . .

Last night AJ was working with Mayli on her letters and their sounds. She would say A apple, B bear, C cat and so on like she has learned in school. Then he made her think of new words to go with each letter. When she got to P she thought for a second and then said P pissed, like sometimes mom gets pissed :) I guess I need to watch what I say around my children and work on my temper! It was classic, what a funny girl!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The happiest place on earth! We have been telling our girls we have a big surprise for them for months now and last week we took them to Disneyland! It was so much fun, they were so surprised and couldn't believe we were really there. Mayli kept saying "this is the funnest place I have ever been in my whole life!" We went to California Adventure the 1st day and had a blast but for some reason I didn't get my camera out all day, what a bad mom :( oh well I did better the next day at Disneyland, enjoy!
Here are the girls waiting for daddy to get our tickets to the park! Tori wouldn't look at the camera so this was the best I could get :)
This was after we walked through Mickey's house in Toon Town. We got to meet Mickey and the girls were so exited, he even gave them a kiss and although it doesn't look like it Tori loved it!
Daddy and the girls after we got Tori and Zoe their Mickey ears with their names on them. Of course Tori had to be different and get the ears with the star hat, it is so like her though so I didn't fight her on it :) Mayli and Tori wore theirs most of the day but Zoe's was really big as you can see.
We rented a stroller at Disneyland for Mayli and Tori to share, we had brought one for Tori but by the end of the day at California Adventure Mayli was done walking :) They both fit on this one though so it worked out perfect.
Mayli, Tori and Daddy on the Dumbo ride! They loved this one and both girls said that it was one of their favorite rides.
Mayli and Tori wanted to get on this big machine thing that was in Mickey's house, they are so stinkin cute!
All the girls! There were a bunch of these cars all over Toon Town so we got in one for a quick photo op! I love my sweet little girlys!
We found Goofy in Toon Town also, so fun!
The Lemmon family was there too! We had so much fun meeting up with them and riding rides together. Our girls love their girls so much and we all had so much fun.
My sweet Mayli! We told the girls that they could pick a toy since we took the money out of their piggy bank. Mayli told me she wanted to find a soft Bambi doll so she could sleep with it. I was really worried that we wouldn't be able to find one but it is Disneyland after all and we did! She loves it and sleeps with it every night :)
Tori on the other hand saw a Jessie doll in a show that we saw at California Adventure and that was what she wanted right then! At first we couldn't find one but we finally did and as you can see she is very happy!
We had such a fun trip and all the girls were really good. I am so glad that we got to go when we did, the lines were really short and it wasn't too hot. We got to ride all the rides that we wanted to and it was so much fun to see the girls faces on every ride we went on. It is totally different to go to Disneyland as a parent that is for sure!