Monday, December 14, 2009

Our little Tori Tee turns 3!

I can not believe that Tori is 3, she is such a sweet little girl and always has something to say to make my day.
We sang Happy Birthday to wake Tori up and she was so happy to get her Tinkerbell Chair to watch movies in. She also got some Strawberry Shortcake stuff from my mom that she loves!
We went to Red Robin at the Mall for Tori's birthday dinner and got to go visit Santa! The girls had a LONG conversation with him about what they wanted, it was very cute. Zoe as usual was snoozing away in her carrier so she didn't get to visit with Santa but I am sure he will bring her something anyway :)
We had a birthday party for Tori and Abby on Saturday with pizza and cupcakes at our place. The girls both got lots of presents. Tori loves this stick horse she got from her Grammie Lynette and Papa Danny. Now her and Mayli gallop all over the apartment saying yee ha yee ha ride um cowgirl!
Tori enjoyed the cupcake that Amy made for her. As you can tell the frosting was her favorite part!
Thanks everyone for all the fun and the presents. We love you sweet little Tori!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zoe Jane Nielson

Our sweet little baby Zoe was born November 17th at 7:43 am. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 in long. She is such a good little baby, she eats and sleeps really well and we fell in love with her the minute we saw her. I got a repeat c-section and when Aj brought her over so I could see her she was crying until she heard my voice, it was the sweetest thing ever!
Mama loving on the new little baby. She is such a cuddle bug and I love to hold her and love on her.
Daddy loving on her :) He was such a trooper and stayed the nights at the hospital with us on that very uncomfortable chair/bed. Love you babe!
This is her very own going home outfit. We have so many baby girl clothes but I wanted her to have at least one thing of her own. She looked so cute!
At home with the new big sisters! They love her so much and are such good helpers to me. They helped me and my mom give her a bath and she was so happy after it. I love you all my sweet little girls!
A huge thanks to Lynette, Catherine and my mom for coming up and helping out with my girls! I really don't know what I would have done without all of your help :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Worst blogger in the world!

Ok read on if you dare! I have been a horrible blogger and really wanted to get updated before little Zoe comes, only one more week!


Halloween was BUSY this year we had an MBA Halloween party, Mayli's class party and then Halloween day. Here is my sweet Dorithy with her Toto and basket to complete the outfit. Mayli loved dressing up is so stinkin cute all the way down to her red ruby slippers!
Oh my sweet Tori. We found out on the Wednesday before Halloween when the kids were suppose to wear their costumes to story time at the library that she DID NOT want to wear her costume. She was going to be Glinda the good witch but would have none of it, or any other costume for that matter. It took everything I had to just get her to wear this little witch hat head band and her Halloween t-shirt. Oh well pick your battles right!
They both looked pretty cute if I do say so myself :)
On Halloween Danny and Lynette came up and we went to Spencer's parents house to go to their ward party and to trick-or-treat around their neighborhood. It was awesome and the girls got SO much candy, we will be eating it until Easter! All the girls looked so cute in their costumes and had so much fun together.

The Scarecrow Festival

The place where Amy and Spencer work does a fund raiser at Thanksgiving point around Halloween time and Lynette came up and all the grandkids went together. It was so much fun! There is so much to do but right when we got there the girls did this trampoline thing where you get strapped in and bounce really high. I wish you could see Tori's face better because she was going SO high and loving it. She is going to be my dare devil for sure!
Mayli on the other hand loved it but only wanted to go as high as she could jump.
We got to go over to Farm country and get a pony ride. All the kids loved it and as you can see Mayli got her face painted like a butterfly, she loved it!
Tori loved riding the horse too and you cant see it very well but she picked a dolphin to be painted on one of her cheeks, she looked so cute :)
Thanks so much to Amy and Spencer and Grammie Lynette for such a fun day!

Oreganos with Cath in AZ!

The girls and I went to AZ for Lanny and Kim's wedding (pictures to come) and got to stay for about a week since it was Mayli's fall break. Catherine and I went out on a date to Oreganos to have some yummy food and some sister time :) Love you Cath!

Pudding Painting!

9/9- Natalie made these cute aprons for the kids and after story time at the library one day they got to try them out with pudding painting. The kids had lots of fun.
Of course the best part was that they could eat it! They all had their fair share of the pudding!
Thanks Aunt Natalie!

Camping & Fishing!

9/5- Over the Labor Day weekend we went camping with Amanda and her family and Amy and her family. It was so much fun, the girls loved making smores and playing around the camp fire with all the other girls. As you can see Tori had a great time!
Mayli was so sweet and such a fun camper. She is really the reason we went at all, she has been asking for years to go camping.
The next morning while the adults packed up the girls got to (stay out of the way) watch Monster's Inc on the portable dvd player. We know how to camp!
This is the other reason we went, Mayli has been wanting to go fishing and she finally got to! She had alot of fun and it was so nice because there was a little lake right next to where we camped, perfect!
That day was Aj's birthday and as you can tell from this picture he was not aware that the fishing was suppose to be for the kids. :) He had a great time and did not want to leave.
Thanks everyone for such a fun camping trip!

I love to see the Temple

8/29- One weekend when the Nielsons came to visit we went to Temple Square. It was beautiful and the kids had so much fun.
I love this picture of the 3 girly cousins, they just love each other so much!
I wanted a picture of our family like this from on top of the conference center because we have one of just Aj and I before we were married and one of Aj, Mayli and I. It is a beautiful view from up there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Pictures from this summer!

This summer Aj took my camera to Indonesia so I had to resort back a few years to the sweet disposable cameras and I just got it developed, so enjoy!
Aunt Catherine and Tori having fun at Chuck E Cheese!
The 3 grand kids in the school bus.

Megan, Catherine and I met up with Kristy and Natalie for the Harry Potter midnight premiere and Kristy gave us all the Harry scar on our foreheads. It was awesome!

My fun cousin Kristy and I. Strike a pose! It was really late!

Some of my girl friends got together and went to Oregano's for a night of pizza, pizzookie, and lots of laughs. What more could I ask for! Thanks girls!

When we got back to Utah we met up with Amy and her fam at the Dino museum for $2 Tuesdays. It was PACKED but the kids all had alot of fun.

There was lots of hands on stuff and the girls really had a great time.
We really had a fun summer but are very glad to be back in Utah with Aj!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mayli's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

My Sweet Mayli Ann had her 1st day of kindergarten today. She was so excited for this day to come and told me when she got home that she had fun and loved to play outside. She really likes her teacher and Tori keeps me busy at home so hopefully it will be a good year!
Mayli was pretty sad when she found out that Kindergarteners at her school don't get to pick out a new backpack (they have to use this sweet bag). So I told her we would decorate it. I let her color on it and we put some sparkely things on it and she is pretty happy with it now!

Such a sweet face she has (her teacher is in trouble!)

She looks so big and grown up in this picture, I have to admitt the tears where flowing when I saw this picture :(

Little Tori wanted in on the fun. Don't they look so cute in their matching shirts! (We got a teal one for Zoe when she arrives, thanks Mom!)

Here she is in her new classroom, I can't believe she is old enough to go to school. I am so proud of you Mayli and I love you so much!

Mayli's 5th Birthday Pics (finally)

Mayli had her 5th birthday on July 14th and what a day it was! She wanted eggs in a bag and fruit for breakfast and was so excited to start her day! She got to open 1 present that morning with her cute new shirt and birthday princess crown in it.
We met up with Grammie Lori, Aunt Megan and Jax, and Aunt Catherine at PANDA for lunch, if she ever has her choice this is where she wants to go. Grammie gave her some presents while we were there.
That night we went to Chuck E Cheese for her party and she was so happy to play all the games. Skiball is her favorite!
Tori enjoyed all the games too but loved the things you could ride in the most!
Dancing it up with ChuckE!
So many presents and so little time!
This is her sweet cake that I made. She had lots of requirements for it, the balloons, the #5, the pink and green watermelon sprinkles and finally she wanted my mom to write "Mayli Ann loves her birthday" on it. What a silly girl!
Papa Nik rode his bike down from Show Low just so he could be there for her special day. Here is is with all the grandkids, so cute, thanks dad!
Grammie Lori and Grandpa Barry with the Birthday Girl, thanks you guys for all your help!
Grammie Lynette and Papa Danny with the Birthday Girl. Thanks for her cool puppy, she was so happy to see you got it for her!
No pictures but Aunt Catherine, Aunt Megan and Uncle Trent came too! It was a really fun night! Thanks everyone for making our sweet girls birthday so special!