Monday, December 14, 2009

Our little Tori Tee turns 3!

I can not believe that Tori is 3, she is such a sweet little girl and always has something to say to make my day.
We sang Happy Birthday to wake Tori up and she was so happy to get her Tinkerbell Chair to watch movies in. She also got some Strawberry Shortcake stuff from my mom that she loves!
We went to Red Robin at the Mall for Tori's birthday dinner and got to go visit Santa! The girls had a LONG conversation with him about what they wanted, it was very cute. Zoe as usual was snoozing away in her carrier so she didn't get to visit with Santa but I am sure he will bring her something anyway :)
We had a birthday party for Tori and Abby on Saturday with pizza and cupcakes at our place. The girls both got lots of presents. Tori loves this stick horse she got from her Grammie Lynette and Papa Danny. Now her and Mayli gallop all over the apartment saying yee ha yee ha ride um cowgirl!
Tori enjoyed the cupcake that Amy made for her. As you can tell the frosting was her favorite part!
Thanks everyone for all the fun and the presents. We love you sweet little Tori!