Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend with my Mom!

Tori and I picked my mom up from the airport on Thursday morning and went back to Provo to pick Mayli up from preschool. When she saw my mom she just started screaming "My Grammie my grammie!" It was really fun to surprise her.

Of course we had to go to Panda bear for lunch and then headed to the park. The weather was so nice when she was here!

Friday Morning we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. They had this cool cow right when we walked in that the girls just had to get on.

You could buy some dried corn to feed the animals but Tori was just happy sharing her popcorn with them. She was SO funny she would say "come here goat!" and then feed them some and then ask "is that good goat?" Such a sweetie!

Mayli has been wanting to ride a horse ever since we moved here and she finally got her chance. She loved it and was such a big girl riding all by herself and not wanting me to walk by her.

Tori loved it too! In fact it was her favorite part and she was SO mad when her turn was over.

Natalie and Carson came with us and we got to go on a carriage ride that was pulled by 2 horses. We had a really fun day.

We had a great fun filled weekend. Friday night AJ and I got to go out on a date and stay out really late playing rock band with some friends. Saturday we met Jen and Ed Parker for lunch and then went swimming with Amy and her family. We kept busy and were all really sad when Sunday came and we had to take Grammie to the airport. We loved having you here and love you so much Grammie!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My mom is coming! We will go pick her up from the airport after I drop Mayli off at Preschool on Thrusday. She wants to surprise the girls so don't say anything! I am SO excited though and my girls will be so happy to have their grammie here for a visit!

Warm enough for playing at the park... sort of!

So on Friday it was SUNNY (about 40 degrees) but still it was sunny! We decided to have a picnic at the park, it was really fun.

Tori LOVES to swing. She pretty much stays in the swing the whole time we are there, I would just give her something to eat and push her and she was a happy girl.

Mayli on the other hand loves to swing but likes to run around much more. She is such a happy girl and was SO happy to be at the park. Thanks Sunny Day!

Fun Museum Field Trips!

Through the MBASA (MBA spouse association) there is always fun things to do. The past 2 Fridays we have gone to some fun Museums for a little culture.

This Friday we went to the BYU Museum of Art where they had a Walter Wick exhibit. He is the guy who does all the I Spy picture books. Mayli LOVES his books and so just loved going to see this. They had lots of pictures and also his little models that he makes for his pictures . He actually sets up little models of castles and things with little people and everything, amazing!

The Friday before last we went to the Museum of Cultures and People. We learned about Native Americans, listened to some books, and saw some neat pottery.

Then the kids got to try to make pottery of their own with play dough! They had lots of fun at both of these field trips, thanks MBASA!

Swimming Lessons!

Mayli started swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago and DID NOT like it at first. She is so afraid of putting her face under the water but she has a really nice teacher and only one other kid in her class and she is getting more comfortable and having fun now.

This is her favorite thing to do, kicking and splashing!

Here she is with the goggles that I smarly barrowed before I would buy her some- she didn't put them on her eyes the whole time!

And there she goes facing her fear, she is doing so good!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Forward!

WHAT you say, ya me too! This whole changing times is crazy, we are now an hour later than all of you AZ folks. To be honest I see the point with the day light savings when it isn't even dark at 7:30pm but it still is weird to me! Nothing I can do about it though except set my clocks AGAIN, silly!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I love Mr Clean!

I know that I am way behind on this but I have never used a Magic Eraser before this weekend when I had to clean my apartment after we moved (yes we moved again, just to a new apartment in Provo but that is a whole new post). This thing kicks butt! You can clean so much with this and it gets stains out that you can't get out with other cleaners, I am very impressed. Thanks Mr Clean!

Draper Temple Open House

My sister-in-law Amy called my on Thursday morning and said she had some extra tickets to the Draper Temple open house. I wasn't sure if we should go because the tickets were for 12:40 and with nap time and all it was going to be interesting, not to mention we were moving the next day! But... I really thought that it would be something neat for my girls to see and I was right.

It was so beautiful and Mayli loved all the paintings of Jesus. It is always neat to get to see inside the beautiful temples and feel the spirit that is already there.

We went with Amy, Spencer, Abby and Lyla and also Amanda and her girls Sophie and Laynie.They were all so cute together and had a really good time.

There was a bunch of paintings and pictures in a chapel after we did the tour with cookies and little water bottles. Tori was pretty much done by this point but overall it was a really neat experience.