Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beach! Week 2 w/ The Platts

You would think after one week at the beach we would be tired of it but NO! We met up with my family and actually camped at the beach. It was hard getting used to the fact that my kids would never fully be clean but we sure had fun! Grammie dug a little pool for the girls, this is where they spent most of their time. Zoe loved it!

Tori in the sand :)
Mayli in the Sand :)

Uncle Lan was so much fun! The girls loved to go into water with him to boogy board.

Aunt Cath would take them out to play too!

Zoe getting some lovin from Grammie :)

Mayli's actual birthday was at the beach. She got LOTS of presents and had a fun day!

That night we had princess cupcakes, she loved them :)

It was so much fun haning out with my family, I look forward to the years to come!

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