Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tori's 5th Birthday!

My sweet Tori turned 5! I can't believe how big she is getting. The Friday before her birthday they celebrated it at her preschool and she wanted popsicles for her treat. We woke her up Saturday morning by singing to her and then she got to open one present.

Her new outfit was her present. Every girl needs something new to wear on her birthday!
Then off to Chuck E Cheese we went to have her party! She wanted a Rapunzel party but since there were so many boys coming she decided on Toy Story :)

Some of the party goers getting their party hats on!

Zoe had been begging for a cupcake all morning so I finally gave in :) She love it!

Tori blowing out her candle!

Thumbs up from the birthday girl :)

There were 15 kids there, pretty crazy but lots of fun!

Opening presents was fun but all the kids were more interested in playing the games so we made it quick! She is pretty excited about this one :)

After her party we went to her choice of lunch at Olive Garden then went home where everyone took a much needed nap! Then more presents from Grammies and Papas and us at home where she got her beautiful Rapunzel dress and dress up shoes. All the girls had to get in on the fun :)

Love you Tori Lynn!

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Lori Platts said...

Love you sweet, crazy Tori Lynn!! Olive Garden...... Seriously?? What happened to McDonalds and Dairy Queen? She knows her stuff!!