Thursday, January 12, 2012

Halloween 2011

We had such a fun Halloween this year! We got out our decorations as soon as Oct came and the girls could hardly wait to decorate pumpkins. They wanted to paint theirs, here they are being very focused on their job :)

Silly Zoe loved getting to paint her pumpkin too! I think there was more paint on her and the table but oh well!
Daddy loves carving pumpkins, here he is being very thoughtful about what to make his look like.

The finished products!

Mayli and Tori knew exactly what they wanted to be so we got their costumes early so they wouldn't sell out and it just about killed them having to wait to wear them! Zoe didn't care so she got to wear something we already had :)

My cute little witch Mayli

My pretty little Jesse/Tori

My sweet little fairy princess Zoe

They had so much fun at the ward trunk or treat (best idea ever) we were there for about a half hour and they got way more candy then they could ever need! Here is Mayli looking over her loot!

Tori inspecting her goods!

Zoe couldn't have been more excited! She would have eaten it all that night if I would have let her :)

Gotta love Halloween!

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Lori Platts said...

I can picture my own kids going through their candy when we'd get home..... Sorting it by the favorites...... Hiding the "good stuff" from their dad!! Some things are just inherited I guess!! Love these super sweet little girls!!